Write For Us

Write For Us

If you love movies, tv shows, comics, anime, games and/or books, love writing and want to get some exposure, come and write for Fiction Horizon.

We are a group of devoted writers who have dedicated their lives to exploring fiction and modern pop culture, and we believe you will be a great addition to the team.

You can play an important role in expanding comics’ worldwide appeal by contributing as a guest writer. This way, you will be able to offer something new to lovers of fiction all around the world.

Who would be a good guest writer for us?

We are looking for people that really love and enjoy writing about one, or all of these topics: movies, tv shows, comics, anime, games and/or books.

You also need to have knowledge about topics you are writing on, and at least good English language skills.

We can’t pay for your guest writing but are offering you to get exposure and experience that is not easy to get in the beginning.

We are also not accepting links to your websites or blogs but will give you an author box with your name and a short bio.

What content are we looking for?

Anything related to movies, tv shows, comics, anime, games and/or books. News, top lists, watch orders, filler lists, reviews, interviews and much much more.

The only thing about it, don’t write something we already have. If you are not sure, you can always pitch us at info@fictionhorizon.com

Guest post sizes:

News article – at least 300 words

Everything else – at least 800-1000 words

Final words

We can’t and won’t accept all guest posts. Some will be just bad, some will be plagiarised, some just won’t fit our site, or we have the same or similar already written. Unfortunately, with all the emails we are getting, we can’t answer them all. We will contact you only if we accept your guest post.

We hope to work with you and highly encourage you to pitch us your ideas before writing them at info@fictionhorizon.com